Adventures in Copenhagen

Making Dreamy Drømmekage

It was a rainy Sunday so I decided to try and make this famous Drømmekage (= Dreamcake) so I could drink tea and eat it while watching a dreamy movie (which eventually I didn’t). Also because I just reached 2 weeks of no sugar so I decided I could have a little weekend treat.

Actually, one of my Italian friends just got a new job back in Italy in a hotel where she needs to bake a lot of cakes and cookies for the kitchen so she is asking me all the time to give her some easy recipes. I decided to try it out myself first and then pass it on.

I found an easy recipe online and, after buying all the necessary ingredients in Superbrugsen, I started with the process:

4 eggs
300 gr. white sugar (or light cane sugar)
250 gr. flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla sugar
2 dl milk
50 gr. butter

100 gr. butter
150 gr. coconut flour
225 gr. Muscovado sugar (brun farin)
1/2 dl. milk

Beat the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. In another bowl, mix flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar together. Turn it gently into the mix. Heat the milk and butter (not too warm, just to melt the butter) and turn it in the mix. Pour it all into a baking pan. Put into the oven at 200 ºC.

Put the butter, coconut flour, sugar and milk in a saucepan. Bring it to boil while stirring. Take the cake out of the oven after 20 minutes and put it on top. Give the cake another 5 minutes in the oven.

I have to say I was pretty satisfied with my first attempt. And also the Danes approved.

It’s time for some more healthier snacks next weekend.


Romkugler and Christmas shopping

Yesterday was a hectic last minute Christmas shopping day! Never thought it could be so stressful finding all presents in one mall in a couple of hours time. But we succeeded! Before we started to going through our list from shop to shop we stopped in a café to have a coffee, a tuna sandwich (as we didn’t even have lunch before going to the mall) and as a dessert we had a romkugler. What is that? Well, it comes in all kinds of shapes, normally round though (ours wasn’t as you can see in the picture) and it was invented to do something with the left overs of cake and cookies mixing it with cacao and rum and covering it with different chocolate sprinkles or coconut. It is delicious but very very heavy! I would never eat one of these on a hot summer day, but in this cold winter season it is really warms you up. After this stop we were ready for the battle.

Merry Christmas!

Cappuccino & Chocolate Chip Cookie treat

After my journey to the International House in order to fix my CPR, which at the end I couldn’t get yet, I had a long walk back from the office into Nørrebro again. I’m absolutely in love with my neighborhood, I couldn’t have asked for a better location. That’s why my mission is to explore all its streets and corners before hitting the rest of the city. So I took blågårdsgade and had a stop in a coffee place called “Arabica”. It has tall windows and has lots of space, though it still manages to have that cozy Copenhagen feeling. They serve mainly coffee and baked goodies, but they also have some food (like the daily soup for 30 DKK which didn’t look bad at all!). It was around 15:00, so I decided to warm up with a cappuccino (I must say they are good at making these around here, never got disappointed until now) and a big chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. What a treat! The place was full of non-danes which was quite funny for a change, being able to follow the conversations around me (and which I of course did). What I noticed was that they made not one, but several spelling mistakes on their menu written on the blackboard: a cappuccino was a “cappuchino” (maybe a Chinese variation?) and the macchiato lost a “c”. Silly things, but it always disturbs me a little (just Google it!). After been warmed up I continued my journey outside. Finally I went to Assistens Cemetery, which is really in front of my apartment, and I saw H.C. Andersen’s gravestone. The stone itself was just a stone, it didn’t say so much to me, but the whole atmosphere in the park was so intense, probably also because of the grey weather, it was a perfect fairy tale scenario.

Sunday brunch at Cortado Kaffebar.

Yesterday was my second day in the city. Still didn’t do any groceries so me and my boyfriend went out the door and decided to try out the breakfast at Cortado kaffebar which is only 10 minutes walking distance from my new home. It looked really cozy, especially on a rainy day as it was yesterday. We were actually a little late for the “morgenmad” offer but the guy was so nice he made it for us anyway. We took place in the front, so we could look outside while enjoying our meal. We got a coffee (I got a very good cappuccino and my boyfriend a filterkaffe) and a plate with: 1 boiled egg, butter, marmalade in a tiny glass bowl, 2 slices of cheese, a slice of mortadella looking meat (I only tried a little bite as I prefer not eating meat), rugbrød and another dark looking bread. In the middle of the plate there was also a cup with dense yogurt with honey, nuts and muesli. I must say, this was a success! I’ll definitely come back on the next rainy sunday to stare at hasty passengers. A perfect start of my Copenhagen stay.