Adventures in Copenhagen

Muesli bun & Matilde Kakaomælk


I eventually, after some nervous waiting and hoping, got the good news of getting the job I applied for already when I was still in Barcelona, which I will start on the 6th of January. That was a huge relief, so the weekend started in a positive and relaxed way. Saturday morning, together with my boyfriend, after managing to print and scan the contract in the local library, we walked further up Nørrebrogade and ended up in Munch, bageri og kaffebar. You can choose your type of bread and then buy some butter, cheese, marmelade or pålægschokolade (which are these thin layers of dark or milk chocolate danes put on their bread). We each got a muesli bun with some butter and cheese and also drank a Matilde Kakaomælk. I felt happy as a little child when sipping from my chocolate milk and watching the busy Nørrebrogade (of course we had window seats!).


The rest of the day we wandered around the city, we explored some Vesterbro as well, which I also liked a lot, but I’m still very much in love and satisfied with my Nørrebro. In a 7-eleven on Istedgade I found this brand of fruit smoothies called Froosh. I had to take some pictures because the text on their bottles is original and hilarious (one was called: “more immunity than berlusconi”). I checked their website out and it turns out they are a scandinavian brand all about local production, fairtrade and no use of crappy ingredients (only fruit). Time to taste one!



Rugbrød lunch

Today I had a simple but delicious home made lunch. Since I’m here, the only bread I’m eating is rugbrød and I was surprised by the many variations of it, prepared with different seeds and flours. For instance I tried one with sunflower seeds which was very tasteful! Shame though that a lot have also ingredients which you wish they didn’t, like conservatives and sugar. I guess I could do better if I go for organic instead. I had two slices today (regular kernerrugbrød), one with hummus and some salad leaves and one with cottage cheese and some dried basil. A cup of coffee with minimælk couldn’t miss either.

These days I’ve been wondering inside supermarkets a lot as I don’t have much to do and I like to take my time and discover all the available products and try to understand the ingredients. Netto is the supermarket that probably has the best prices, still offering also some organic alternatives. Until now SuperBrugsen is definitely my favorite as it has a wide range of products of all kind. Lots of organic products, fair-trade, teas, tofu, etc. I even found some organic coconut milk for a not bad price at all. I wanted to use it yesterday evening in this wok with noodles I made but I couldn’t find a can opener anywhere. As my flatmate wasn’t home I couldn’t ask her and after 30 minutes I gave up and made the wok without it (still was delicious and super spicy). My mission for today: go to Ikea and get a can opener!


Cappuccino & Chocolate Chip Cookie treat

After my journey to the International House in order to fix my CPR, which at the end I couldn’t get yet, I had a long walk back from the office into Nørrebro again. I’m absolutely in love with my neighborhood, I couldn’t have asked for a better location. That’s why my mission is to explore all its streets and corners before hitting the rest of the city. So I took blågårdsgade and had a stop in a coffee place called “Arabica”. It has tall windows and has lots of space, though it still manages to have that cozy Copenhagen feeling. They serve mainly coffee and baked goodies, but they also have some food (like the daily soup for 30 DKK which didn’t look bad at all!). It was around 15:00, so I decided to warm up with a cappuccino (I must say they are good at making these around here, never got disappointed until now) and a big chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. What a treat! The place was full of non-danes which was quite funny for a change, being able to follow the conversations around me (and which I of course did). What I noticed was that they made not one, but several spelling mistakes on their menu written on the blackboard: a cappuccino was a “cappuchino” (maybe a Chinese variation?) and the macchiato lost a “c”. Silly things, but it always disturbs me a little (just Google it!). After been warmed up I continued my journey outside. Finally I went to Assistens Cemetery, which is really in front of my apartment, and I saw H.C. Andersen’s gravestone. The stone itself was just a stone, it didn’t say so much to me, but the whole atmosphere in the park was so intense, probably also because of the grey weather, it was a perfect fairy tale scenario.

Sunday brunch at Cortado Kaffebar.

Yesterday was my second day in the city. Still didn’t do any groceries so me and my boyfriend went out the door and decided to try out the breakfast at Cortado kaffebar which is only 10 minutes walking distance from my new home. It looked really cozy, especially on a rainy day as it was yesterday. We were actually a little late for the “morgenmad” offer but the guy was so nice he made it for us anyway. We took place in the front, so we could look outside while enjoying our meal. We got a coffee (I got a very good cappuccino and my boyfriend a filterkaffe) and a plate with: 1 boiled egg, butter, marmalade in a tiny glass bowl, 2 slices of cheese, a slice of mortadella looking meat (I only tried a little bite as I prefer not eating meat), rugbrød and another dark looking bread. In the middle of the plate there was also a cup with dense yogurt with honey, nuts and muesli. I must say, this was a success! I’ll definitely come back on the next rainy sunday to stare at hasty passengers. A perfect start of my Copenhagen stay.