Hveder på Store Bededag

Store Bededag translates into “Great Prayer Day”. I’m not completely sure what it is about (praying I suppose) and also the Danes are a little unsure what is celebrated. It comes on the 4th Friday after Easter and it’s only celebrated in Denmark. The day before it is tradition to buy “hveder” in the bakery which are basically just plain white bread buns. These are then eaten warm with some butter on them. Of course I had to try myself so I went to buy one at the local bakery. It is really the most boring bread ever and it’s a very curious tradition. I decided to look it up and this is what I found out about it. The bread buns have no religious meaning whatsoever but a very practical one (we are in Denmark after all). Because when the church bells rang back in the days, everybody had to stop working, bakers included. They would therefor make these easy buns the day before (Thursday) so that people could warm them up themselves.

This is how one looks like


I tasted it but I have to say my opinion remains the same: boring white bread. Had to put a little more then butter on it to enjoy it.