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Hveder på Store Bededag

Store Bededag translates into “Great Prayer Day”. I’m not completely sure what it is about (praying I suppose) and also the Danes are a little unsure what is celebrated. It comes on the 4th Friday after Easter and it’s only celebrated in Denmark. The day before it is tradition to buy “hveder” in the bakery which are basically just plain white bread buns. These are then eaten warm with some butter on them. Of course I had to try myself so I went to buy one at the local bakery. It is really the most boring bread ever and it’s a very curious tradition. I decided to look it up and this is what I found out about it. The bread buns have no religious meaning whatsoever but a very practical one (we are in Denmark after all). Because when the church bells rang back in the days, everybody had to stop working, bakers included. They would therefor make these easy buns the day before (Thursday) so that people could warm them up themselves.

This is how one looks like


I tasted it but I have to say my opinion remains the same: boring white bread. Had to put a little more then butter on it to enjoy it.



Making Dreamy Drømmekage

It was a rainy Sunday so I decided to try and make this famous Drømmekage (= Dreamcake) so I could drink tea and eat it while watching a dreamy movie (which eventually I didn’t). Also because I just reached 2 weeks of no sugar so I decided I could have a little weekend treat.

Actually, one of my Italian friends just got a new job back in Italy in a hotel where she needs to bake a lot of cakes and cookies for the kitchen so she is asking me all the time to give her some easy recipes. I decided to try it out myself first and then pass it on.

I found an easy recipe online and, after buying all the necessary ingredients in Superbrugsen, I started with the process:

4 eggs
300 gr. white sugar (or light cane sugar)
250 gr. flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla sugar
2 dl milk
50 gr. butter

100 gr. butter
150 gr. coconut flour
225 gr. Muscovado sugar (brun farin)
1/2 dl. milk

Beat the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. In another bowl, mix flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar together. Turn it gently into the mix. Heat the milk and butter (not too warm, just to melt the butter) and turn it in the mix. Pour it all into a baking pan. Put into the oven at 200 ºC.

Put the butter, coconut flour, sugar and milk in a saucepan. Bring it to boil while stirring. Take the cake out of the oven after 20 minutes and put it on top. Give the cake another 5 minutes in the oven.

I have to say I was pretty satisfied with my first attempt. And also the Danes approved.

It’s time for some more healthier snacks next weekend.

Learning all about Smørrebrød

Busy times these are between work, study and the Danish lessons I started following twice a week at Studieskolen. But there’s always time to try and taste some new food! A couple of weeks ago I went to a “Smørrebrød” course organized by the “CPH volunteers” group. It was super awesome: first we got an introduction to some history and facts about the origin and nowadays concept of smørrebrød and after we had all the ingredients to try and make 4 different types of these danish sandwiches (don’t call them like that!) ourselves.


Apparently Danes are very keen on which ingredients go together and which don’t on their slice of rugbrød. The four types we made were Karrysild (curry herrings), Eggs & Shrimps, Potatoes and Roastbeef. Some people really put all their creativity and concentration in it and made some amazing artwork. Mine tasted pretty good but I certainly couldn’t compete on an artistic level. Image

As a surprise dessert we got some Danish Æblekage, an apple crumble served with cream. We also had this dessert last Thursday at the job. Very easy and delicious!

Desserts on Thursdays

Every week on Thursday at my job, we have a dessert at our lunch buffet. Of course, a lot of Danish cakes and sweets pass by. Last week for example, we had hindærsnitter, a thin two-layer cookie/cake (not sure how to define it, it is more crunchy and thin like a cookie) with in the middle hindærmarmelade (raspberry marmalade) covered on top with sugar glazing. It is realy for the sweet-toothed as it is basically all sugar! Of course also the famous romkugler had their turn at the buffet. Another really delicious cake which I did not mention before as I only heard about it but never tried it until it was presented as the dessert is the drømmekage, literally dream cake. And oh is it dreamy! It is actually a really simple, vanilla tasting cake, but on top there is a frosting that is made of coconut, brown sugar, milk and butter: a heavenly combination on top of the soft cake.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, I hope they will pop up at the buffet soon again so you can have a look as well.

Birthday Party: boller and lots of slik!

Last Saturday I went to a birthday party of my boyfriend’s cousin. He turned 14 and all the family got together to enjoy some cake and hot chocolate.

What I noticed is that how on every occasion, party or celebration, it’s always an excuse for candy (called “slik” in Danish). Also at this birthday, besides for delicious Danish buns (boller) with butter and marmalade and the birthday cake, we got bowls of candy from which to snack from. This is certainly not common in Italy for example or the Netherlands (not for adults at least). Here in the cold North, it’s a tradition for kids to have candy on Friday (to celebrate the weekend). You can see long lines inside candy stores Friday afternoon (I see this when I bike from work back home) with parents and their kids. Fortunately I have to say, parents look out much more to feed their kids healthy here, so I guess there is also a reason why it’s only a “Friday” or “party” exception.


This said, I have to admit, although I am enjoying the Danish food culture, I gained some weight during almost 2 months in Denmark. Today I decided to go for a run in the snow which felt marvelous! I think more gym and less slik is my New Year’s resolution.

Happy Sunday!


It was a beautiful day for a long walk. I have to say that until now the danish winter is not bad at all, but everybody keeps saying that this is the warmest they have had in a long time. And of course: everything can change quickly, we are only in the beginning of January! So the sun was shining (even though shy and briefly) and Jonas and I walked from my place towards Christiania. I made some pictures with my iPhone, not the best quality (especially when it gets darker) but this one of the Dronning Louises Bridge gives an idea of the clear day that it was.


We also made a brief stop at Christiansborg, just because I’m such a fan of the series “Borgen” and I never actually went inside the yard to have a better and closer look: it’s absolutely impressive seen from so close by. We arrived at Christiania and were totally up for some coffee, we entered this bar called Månefiskeren, which is a nice high ceiling café with a relaxed atmosphere and funny signs on the wall (like “For a brighter day put drugs away”). We had a cup of coffee and split a træstammer. This is a danish sweet which looks a lot like the romkugler. The shape is that of a treelog covered with marzipan and the tops dipped in chocolate ganache. Inside it’s the same kind of texture as the romkugler: chocolate left over cake and rum. It’s really perfect after a long walk outside (and knowing you also need to walk back!)


I found the recipe on a blog called “My Danish Kitchen”, you can find it here. Hope you don’t mind me posting it.

Have a great weekend you all!

Sandwich & preparing for New Year’s Eve

I spent the last couple of days with April, a Danish friend of mine that I met back in Barcelona, as she was here for the holidays. We have been brainstorming a lot about the New Year’s Eve dinner. We will be celebrating New Year’s with 3 of her friends and the idea is just to prepare a nice meal and enjoy it together. After midnight we will probably be going out to watch some fireworks and maybe attend a party if we stumble upon one. The menu for now is as follows:


– Salmon with fresh lime and fennel

(served with cava)

Main course:

– Roast beef with beetroot and green beans

– Homemade vegan mushroom/broccoli ravioli with green pesto

– Side salad

(served with red wine)


– Raw chocolate cake

– Kransekake (traditional danish cake made of rings of marzipan)

– Lime & Basil sorbet

– Banana & Ginger sorbet

(served with champagne)

I’m pretty excited about it! I’m in charge of the raw cake which I just finished and is now in the fridge, ready for tomorrow. It’s the first time I’m trying it but it looks pretty awesome (now let’s hope it also tastes good). I got the recipe in a new cookbook I got for my birthday: 250 pages of recipes only with chocolate: you can imagine how happy I was with it!

Me and April are also making the ravioli (as we prefer not eating the meat main dish): we tried them out yesterday and after a couple of tries we got the right proportions in dough and filling and we are pretty confident we can make it tomorrow.

To get a break from all the elaborated food we are planning and making these last days, here is a simple but fresh and filling sandwich I made a couple of days ago: pesto, a boiled (organic!) egg, cottage cheese, arugula & cucumber. Enjoy and happy 2014!