Birthday Party: boller and lots of slik!

Last Saturday I went to a birthday party of my boyfriend’s cousin. He turned 14 and all the family got together to enjoy some cake and hot chocolate.

What I noticed is that how on every occasion, party or celebration, it’s always an excuse for candy (called “slik” in Danish). Also at this birthday, besides for delicious Danish buns (boller) with butter and marmalade and the birthday cake, we got bowls of candy from which to snack from. This is certainly not common in Italy for example or the Netherlands (not for adults at least). Here in the cold North, it’s a tradition for kids to have candy on Friday (to celebrate the weekend). You can see long lines inside candy stores Friday afternoon (I see this when I bike from work back home) with parents and their kids. Fortunately I have to say, parents look out much more to feed their kids healthy here, so I guess there is also a reason why it’s only a “Friday” or “party” exception.


This said, I have to admit, although I am enjoying the Danish food culture, I gained some weight during almost 2 months in Denmark. Today I decided to go for a run in the snow which felt marvelous! I think more gym and less slik is my New Year’s resolution.

Happy Sunday!