Desserts on Thursdays

by Milou

Every week on Thursday at my job, we have a dessert at our lunch buffet. Of course, a lot of Danish cakes and sweets pass by. Last week for example, we had hindærsnitter, a thin two-layer cookie/cake (not sure how to define it, it is more crunchy and thin like a cookie) with in the middle hindærmarmelade (raspberry marmalade) covered on top with sugar glazing. It is realy for the sweet-toothed as it is basically all sugar! Of course also the famous romkugler had their turn at the buffet. Another really delicious cake which I did not mention before as I only heard about it but never tried it until it was presented as the dessert is the drømmekage, literally dream cake. And oh is it dreamy! It is actually a really simple, vanilla tasting cake, but on top there is a frosting that is made of coconut, brown sugar, milk and butter: a heavenly combination on top of the soft cake.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, I hope they will pop up at the buffet soon again so you can have a look as well.