Romkugler and Christmas shopping

by Milou

Romkugler and Christmas shopping

Yesterday was a hectic last minute Christmas shopping day! Never thought it could be so stressful finding all presents in one mall in a couple of hours time. But we succeeded! Before we started to going through our list from shop to shop we stopped in a café to have a coffee, a tuna sandwich (as we didn’t even have lunch before going to the mall) and as a dessert we had a romkugler. What is that? Well, it comes in all kinds of shapes, normally round though (ours wasn’t as you can see in the picture) and it was invented to do something with the left overs of cake and cookies mixing it with cacao and rum and covering it with different chocolate sprinkles or coconut. It is delicious but very very heavy! I would never eat one of these on a hot summer day, but in this cold winter season it is really warms you up. After this stop we were ready for the battle.

Merry Christmas!