Æbleskiver, Gløgg and Julekoncert

by Milou

Yesterday was a perfect “Advent” Sunday. We were invited by my boyfriend’s mom to a Julekoncert in a church in Christianshavn. Before we went there we had some late breakfast/snack at her place consisting of gløgg, æbleskiver and some other sweet cookies, chocolate and candy. Æbleskiver are a sort of pancakes but much smaller. They look a lot like the dutch poffertjes but are a little more rounder and “popped up”. They have the word apple (æble) in them because originally they were cooked with pieces of apple inside, but I was told that this is not so much used anymore. They were served with strawberry marmalade and ice sugar. Pure sweet treat.




I love the idea of gløgg and it’s the ultimate winter and Christmas feeling but I can never drink so much. Here in Denmark they put a lot of raisins and almonds in it and then you eat those with a spoon out of your cup. After all this delicious goodies we took the metro from Vestamager to Christianshavn to listen to Caroline Henderson in Christians Kirke. It was lovely jazzy and christmassy concert and the fact that it was in a church made it all the more special!